Poetry Through Specific Eyes

Posted by Kunal Patel

“A poem begins in delight, it inclines to the impulse, it assumes a direction with the first line laid down, it runs a course of lucky events, and ends in a clarification of life – not necessarily a great clarification, such as sects and cults are founded on, but in a momentary stay against confusion.”

-Robert Frost

Robert Frost’s definition of poetry portrays poetry for what it really is. Poetry is simply a verse that undergoes certain complex stages, in end coming to a conclusion. Personally, this stands to be quite accurate. As a poem commences there is a sensation in which one is put through an enjoyable and enchanting emotion, despite the grimness of the poem. Just reading the diction in those first couple of lines forces such relaxation as poetry is written to unravel the mind. The assumption of the meaning of a poem upon the reading it for the first line stands to be a habit most scholars cannot get rid of, as poetry, right from the very get go sends out a message ultimately revealing a tone as well. Throughout poetry, there seems to be a common occurrence in which the poem runs a course of “lucky events” according to Robert Frost. Yes, this stands to be truth, but what most fail to realize is that these “lucky events” can also be dreadful events at the same time. Lucky is defined as something “fortunate,” although in poetry it is seen that lucky events often foreshadow a downfall, a sharp one at best, ending in what we call life’s greatest lesson. As mentioned by Robert Frost, poetry may not clearly lead you the way to life’s answer to an age old question, but it can certainly show a truer meaning. The idea of enjoying a poem that takes you on a journey or a set of emotions has always grappled me; Robert Frost’s definition elicits that idea exponentially, showing that in the end a moral is hopefully drawn out, pertaining to life or its mystery’s.


I beyond any doubt found your post very interesting, essential. Interesting because I have someone I can relate to (in the family) and Its essential for any person to understand one more truth about what poetry is made of ("lucky events") using Robert Frost's point of view.

Nice work, I enjoyed reading it.

kee I love you ,you go all out and i not mad at you . Keep upk

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